Terms & Conditions

It is imperative to carefully read the following conditions before making your reservation.

Note: The term "brochure" in the following text may also be replaced by the term "website" for legal and other purposes. In this case, the syntax of the sentence must be interpreted for logic.
The terms and conditions contained in these terms and conditions form an integral part of the contract you make with TERRATOURS at the time of booking. Your reservation confirms that you have read and accept these terms and conditions, including the limitation of liability.
All prices quoted in this brochure are per person in Canadian dollars based on two adults sharing a room or single occupancy with a supplement.


Reservations are subject to availability of seats at the various suppliers involved on the dates you expect to travel.

At the time of booking, a deposit of $ 300 per person is required (excluded insurance). Final payment is due 61 days prior to departure. Make sure to give the names as they appear in the passport and check the spelling with a copy of the passport.

In case of payment by credit card, the signature of the cardholder is compulsory and the travel agent has the duty to keep the evidence on file. TERRATOURS may at any time request the travel agent to provide this signature. TERRATOURS reserves the right to cancel any reservation in the event that the signature of the holder does not appear on the payment form of the credit card. The consumer, by authorizing the use of his credit card number by the travel agent, agrees to respect the booking conditions.

It is strongly recommended that you be insured against the risks inherent in travel abroad: cancellation fees, medical and hospitalization expenses, baggage losses or delays, etc.
Please contact your travel agent who can advise you on the various types of travel insurance.
Any cancellation of a reservation, at the request of a traveler and for whatever reason (personal reasons, acts of terrorism, disturbances or fears of political unrest, natural disaster etc ...) will automatically entail cancellation fees.

The following cancellation fees apply per person for any cancellation prior to departure:

  • More than 61 days before departure: $ 500.00
  • From 60 days to 45 days of departure: 50% of the total cost of the package
  • From 44 days to departure: 100% of the total cost of the package

In order to receive a refund, if applicable, you must send us all the relevant documents. To establish the cancellation period, the departure day is not taken into consideration. If the cancellation of one or more passengers changes the basis of occupancy of the room (s) for the passenger (s) still traveling, the last passenger (s) The difference resulting from such changes. In all cases where a passenger wishes to modify, change or cancel his package, he must send a written notice to TERRATOURS via his travel agency, within the time limit. No refunds will be granted by TERRATOURS for canceled or unused services after the intended departure of the traveler.


Once your reservation has been confirmed by TERRATOURS, any modification or correction to the provisions already taken (change of dates, flights, destination or name) will be subject to availability and will entail the following costs:

  • 45 days or more before departure: S100.00 per person, per change.
  • 30 days or less prior to departure: your change will be considered a cancellation and subject to the associated fees.


A) Changes before booking
This brochure has been printed several weeks before the date of the first departure described and TERRATOURS reserves the right to make changes without notice to destinations, prices, hotels and services. Consult with your travel agent to find out the exact times for each package before making your reservations. The prices quoted in this brochure are based on the costs fixed at the time of printing. They are based on the cost of fuel n rates for each and several other factors. In the event of an increase in these costs.
TERRATOURS reserves the right to increase the price of any of these packages without prior notice.

B) Changes to your package after your reservations.
The prices for each package are based on the costs in effect at the time of printing this brochure and / or your reservation. TERRATOURS reserves the right to reimburse you for any additional costs you may have to pay before your departure. In the event that you choose to cancel your reservations, you must notify us in writing within three (3) days of notification, in which case TERRATOURS will reimburse you the amounts paid by your travel agent without further obligation.

C) Other changes and cancellations:
Under certain exceptional conditions, TERRATOURS reserves the right to make changes to the package. These changes could be minor, such as change of airline, change of hotel for a similar category hotel, change of itinerary, ... and would not modify the quality of your trip.
In the event of cancellation or major modification of your package by TERRATOURS, we will contact your travel agent in order to offer you an alternative of comparable quality that you will be able to accept or refuse in which case you will be able to obtain a refund You will be required to notify us in writing of your decision within 72 hours of such notice. After your arrival at destination, in the event that a service of your package can not be provided, we reserve the right to replace the said service with a service of comparable or superior quality.
TERRATOURS 'liability is strictly limited to the reimbursement of the amounts paid by your travel agent in connection with your package, without recourse for damages or otherwise.

All passengers without exception must ensure that they hold a passport whose validity meets the requirements of the countries visited. Some countries require passports to be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return to Canada. Travelers with a non-Canadian passport may require other documents (eg visa or vaccination certificates). These must be obtained by the traveler prior to departure from Canada. It is your responsibility to inquire with your travel agent or the relevant authorities about this.

In case of traveler's default. The latter may be refused by the carrier and / or the authorities of the country without it being entitled to any reimbursement whatsoever from TERRATOURS.

Some circuits may be restrictive for the elderly or for people who are not healthy or have a disability. Due to heat in some areas, frequent travel and food changes, we recommend that you leave Canada healthy and rested. Any person suffering from disability or incapacity and who requires special attention or treatment must notify TERRATOURS in writing at the time of booking and submit a declaration signed by his doctor attesting that he is fit to participate in the circuit and that, It can move without the assistance of another member of the group or the representative of the wholesaler. TERRATOURS reserves the right to refuse a passenger who can not complete the journey or for whom the journey could constitute a danger for himself or for the others. Some drugs are not available abroad. You must bring with you a sufficient quantity of all the medicines that you must take, whether by prescription or otherwise. Also, make sure your medications are in your carry-on baggage: DO NOT leave them in a baggage compartment.

Air travel regulations allow for different baggage allowances per person depending on the airline used. PRAYER to inform you of the rules with your travel agent. The maximum dimensions may also vary from one airline to another. Each passenger may carry on board the aircraft a carry-on bag to be placed under the seat. The total weight of the luggage must not exceed 20 kilos (44Ibs). However, as space is restricted on buses, you can only carry one suitcase per person if you are traveling on tours. TERRATOURS declines all responsibility for the loss, theft, breakage of baggage or delivery time, whatever the cause.

TERRATOURS chosen with great care its suppliers but has no direct control over them and has no obligation regarding schedules, air or land route or on the type of aircraft or vehicle , Which are determined exclusively by the carriers concerned and are subject to change without notice. Air transport is carried out in economy class by the carrier indicated by TERRATOURS.

Conditions of carriage are subject to the terms and conditions of the transportation ticket and government regulations.

The responsibility of an air carrier in case of loss, theft or damage to baggage or in case of damage to property or person is limited by the terms and conditions of the contract on the ticket of the passenger.

Tickets or boarding passes are non-transferable and non-negotiable.

Places in means of transport are assigned exclusively by the carrier and in no way guarantee a special place.

In the case of air transport, YOU HAVE THE DUTY to present at the registration desk at the airport at least THREE HOURS before the time fixed for the start otherwise you may lose your reservations and tickets could be Assigned to other travelers, without any recourse against TERRATOURS.

TERRATOURS DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING OUT OF ANY DELAY CARRIER OR ANY OF SCHEDULE CHANGE ROUTE OF CALL OR FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER, and can not be responsible for any accident or Occurring while the passenger is on board a means of transport.
In addition to the general conditions set out above, the following provisions apply to tourist tours abroad:

  • Operators tours: tours abroad are not operated or managed by TERRATOURS but by operators and / or local suppliers whose names appear on your vouchers. The role of TERRATOURS is strictly limited to transmitting your reservations to the local operator and TERRATOURS assumes no liability for error or fault of default on the part of those operators or their representatives on site.
  • Change of itinerary: the itineraries of the circuits described in this brochure are given for information only and are subject to change at any time. Routes, visits, accommodations or modes of transport are subject to change during the tour, due to special circumstances. The local operator, as well as the guide, have the right to decide at any time to make changes or substitutions, this decision being final and without recourse.


The tours and tours mentioned in the itineraries are carried out by local guides. Transfers on arrival and departure are made by drivers and do not always include the services of local guides, their role being limited to your transportation between two points, they are not required to speak in French.

The hotel classification system is destination-specific and differs from Canadian standards and takes into account the services available rather than the comfort offered in the rooms. Hotels are subject to availability at the time of booking and may be replaced by others of similar category.
The rooms are allocated by the hoteliers according to the availabilities at the time of the arrival of the passengers. TERRATOURS has no control over the dimensions, location or view of rooms allocated to passengers.
Single rooms: single rooms in Europe are generally smaller and less well located than double rooms. Their number is very limited and they will be confirmed only after reservation.


During his stay abroad. The passenger agrees to accept and comply with any reasonable instructions relating to the package, issued by TERRATOURS or its representatives. Anyone whose behavior impairs the enjoyment of other participants or who refuses to follow the instructions of the TERRITOURS representatives may be obliged to return to Canada before the end of the trip at his expense.

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Quebec. In all cases where the point of departure is in the province of Quebec, the parties elect domicile in the judicial district of Montreal. The invalidity of any clause of this contract in whole or in part shall not affect the validity of the other clauses.


Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TERRATOURS disclaims all liability for any claims for loss, damage, delay, illness, injury, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment, anxiety arising from:

  • Fault, negligence or omission on the part of the providers of tourism services, transporters, hoteliers etc;
  • Disease, theft, strike, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, governmental constraints, weather or any other cause beyond its control;
  • Passengers' failure to bring themselves and / or obtain the required travel documents;
  • Any delay of the passenger at the airport, for whatever reason, on the day of departure;
  • Delay or delay of an air, sea or land carrier;
  • Property damage, loss of property and theft;
  •  Personal injury, sickness or death for whatever reason, including tropical diseases, food poisoning, accidents during transport, fire, etc. 


This brochure constitutes, together with the general conditions, all the representations made by TERRATOURS.
TERRATOURS and the airlines and service providers assume no liability arising from unauthorized statements, actions, misrepresentations or misrepresentations given or made by a travel agent or its employees regarding the standard, quality, services provided or Benefits included or not in the holiday programs described in this brochure. None of the services or benefits described in a package can be considered a decisive criterion at the choice of the traveler or as the main consideration for a reservation.



It is essential that you report any complaints to us as quickly as possible. Please send us the details of your complaint or complaint in writing within fourteen (14) days of the date of your return.

TERRATOURS - Holder of a Quebec license.